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Announcing the addition of HD Triax & 2 HD-SDI video lines to the Jimmy Jib Pro Remote Electronics!
Introducing the New Jimmy Jib

Triangle Pro Series

Stanton Video Services is proud to introduce a new line of upgraded products designed to make your experience with our product enjoyable, expedient, and more professional.

Universal Quick Mount

The New Jimmy Jib Universal Quick Mount

A Quick Release Mount that allows a single operator to mount and dismount remote heads securely in seconds. The mount was conceived as a complete replacement for the Mitchell Mount adapters we've made available for years.

The Quick Release Mount enables an operator to run almost any industry stabilized head on the Jimmy Jib arm. After securing the arm the operator can quickly dismount the head and camera as a unit for hand held shots & quickly remount the head for continued jib arm shots with just a quick spin by hand of the locking collar, no tools needed.

Get Your Shot

3X Faster Assembly Time

The Triangle Pro features our signature connection joint on each tube section. This new cam lock design is stronger and assures no tube damage over the life of your tube connection joints. There are no loose parts to worry about, and this upgrade alone will save the operator hours of setup and teardown time, making your work day easier and more enjoyable. The Triangle Pro comes with a high grade tool for this locking joint.
Triangle Pro Jib Construction

Stronger, Light-Weight Construction

The Triangle Pro is designed for maximum performance and ease of handling. Holes have been added to the tube section for weight savings and additional locations for future products to be mounted along the unit. The new cable stabilizer is a one piece, quick lock, again saving time on set up with less loose parts to maintain. And the Heavy Duty Tripod has a new foot design to locate into our dollies for a more solid and true fit. Our new design should give a lifetime of maintenance free operation on all mechanical components. We are providing a 3 year warranty on all Pro Series jib units for mechanical components, and 1 year warranty on electronic components. All Triangle Pro Tube sections are fitted with Sound and Light Dampening inserts, presenting a solid and custom look while still allowing for ease of handling.
Fast & Easy Leveling

Faster & Easier Leveling in Low Light Conditions

The main pedestal assembly of each Triangle Pro Series model was designed with over 10 upgraded features, including an integrated leveling system. This leveling system features large view glass for faster and more accurate leveling every time. Upgraded bearings offer smoother and more precise movements for your video shots. Every handling knob has been fitted for use on the leveling, horizontal and vertical functions. The flush mounted hardware makes for a beautiful, streamlined look.

Lengths Adaptable to A Variety of Conditions

Ranging from 6 ft (1.8m) to 40 ft (12m) with innovative construction and portability, the Jimmy Jib Triangle Pro is designed to meet your professional demands in the studio or on-location.